Touch the Sun

Leading New Zealand chemical distributor Interchem has a staff touch team running in summer so we outfitted them with jerseys.

It is a family affair including ring-ins and keen kids says Interchem warehouse manager and team organiser Steve Harvey.

Steve never quite knows who will turn up but on this night near the shortest day, there were 12 to churn through sideline substitutes at Kaipatiki Reserve. More than enough jerseys with Hangcha showing on them.

Steve says the family-owned company enjoys enduring relationships that build on integrity, trust and a commitment to service.

“That goes for Northern Forklifts too. As well as being nice and handy, they give good service.

“Nothing is never any trouble. We’ve just got to say, ‘Hey bro, we’ve got a problem somewhere’ and they’re down straight away.

“[NFL staff] are all good guys. There’s no grumpy ones and it’s great backup.”

Northern Forklifts sales rep Phil Butler says Interchem is a longstanding Shore customer and “when we see they are involved with a team activity, we like to support that“.

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