Combilift Introduces New 5T Electric Forklift

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Encouraged by increasing demand for electric vehicles and a growing focus on environmental issues, Combilift has launched a new electric forklift - the Combi-XLE.

electric forklift - combi-xle

The new vehicle has been designed to augment the engine-powered XL C-series. The new multidirectional electric forklift has up to a 5t lift capacity, large cushioned front and rear tyres, high ground clearance and a spacious cab allowing operation on semi-rough terrain.

Customers are increasingly seeking vehicle solutions that address sustainability concerns. The new Combi-XLE helps customers achieve their environmental goals by providing a versatile '3 forklifts in 1' solution - working inside and outside, reducing fleet requirements and thereby overall carbon footprint.

The new electric-powered Combi-XLE cuts noise pollution and carbon emissions improving the experience for drivers, employees and visitors on site.

The Combi-XLE incorporates Combilift's patented all-wheel traction that reduces tyre wear and load swing and enhances braking. Also included is a newly developed, patented Eco-Steer System which provides a smaller turning radius and improved user experience.

"The technology we have incorporated into the Combi-XLE means that its performance is equally on a par with diesel or LPG-powered forklifts when it comes to handling very bulky and heavy loads, whilst of course offering a greener operation," says Combilift CEO and co-founder Martin McVicar. "We made our first electric C-Series over 18 years ago, and now, over 60% of the trucks we manufacture are electric, with availability in almost all models across our range. As more and more of our customers are opting for electric power, it is obvious that they are as committed to sustainability and a circular economy as we are." "The reasons to move to electric were twofold: to eliminate exhaust particulates in the factory and as part of our group environmental plan to minimise our carbon footprint," he adds.

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