The history, growth and success of Hangcha Forklifts

Based in the Zhejiang Province of China, Hangcha Group Co., Ltd., is a leading global forklift truck manufacturer, supplier, and developer.

As one of the most influential brands in the forklift industry, we are proud to stock Hangcha forklifts, offering a range of LPG, diesel and electric forklifts.

History of Hangcha

Hangcha isn’t new to this business. Originally state-owned, the company was founded in 1956 as the Hangzhou Mechanical Repair Factory, an amalgamation of 18 small, private companies. It wasn’t until 1974 they made their first forklift, the CZ3, which went into mass production a few years later.

In 1978 they became an official forklift manufacturer, changing the company’s name to Hangzhou Forklift Factory, producing their one-millionth forklift in 1988.

Another name change in the year 2000 saw them reformed as the Hangzhou Forklift Truck Co., Ltd. And it was over the next 10 years that the company consolidated the business, founding Zhejiang Hangcha Engineering Machinery and the Hangcha Imp. & Exp.

In 2007 they held their first Global Dealers Conference, and two years later moved to the Lin’an economic development zone, an economic development area approved by the government of Zhejiang.

In 2010 the company was renamed the Hangcha Group Co., Ltd, marking the beginning of a rapid period of growth and development. Two years later, they held their second Global Dealers Conference and began developing Automated Guidance Vehicles (AGV) and systems.

In 2015 the company began phase one of the Hengfan industrial park development, building state-of-the-art facilities to boost production. Phase two began in 2019, adding even more factories, production lines, and R&D labs to the growing business.

Perhaps the biggest milestone in the company’s history happened on the 27th of December, 2016 when Hangcha was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength, establishing subsidiaries in multiple locations, such as Thailand (Hangcha Southeast Asia Co., Ltd) and Germany (Hangcha Europe GmbH) that same year, HC Forklift America Corporation in North Carolina in 2017, the Hangcha Forklift Canada Inc. in Montreal in 2019, and Hangcha Netherlands B.V. in Almere in 2021.

Today the company is the eighth largest forklift manufacturer in the world.

Range of products

Hangcha forklifts are rugged, reliable, hard to break and easy to fix – which is why we sell them!

These are the current models we offer, a range that can cover just about any requirement you need.

3 Wheel Forklift

Hangcha A Series Electric Forklift 1.3-2.0t

These forklifts are just great for general warehousing, food and beverage production, cold storage, or anywhere space is tight. You can spin them around on the spot and slide the load into your racking. And, if you were wondering, 3 wheelers forklifts are just as stable as 4’s so get on and go for it!

4 Wheel Forklifts

Hangcha A Series Electric Forklift 1.0-3.5t

This all-purpose electric forklift range is ideal anywhere you need clean air. Generally used in food production and cold storage, delivering productivity without pollution.

Hangcha A Series Electric 4.0-5.0t

Another clean forklift but with more muscle than its smaller brothers for heavier loads, and if you really want to work it hard check out the Lithium battery options. Found anywhere that needs to be environmentally friendly, often in food manufacturing and distribution with a double pallet handler attached.

Hangcha XC Series Li-Ion Forklift 1.5-3.5t

The Hangcha XC Series is the answer to any questions about Lithium battery forklifts. Designed to make the most of the technology, multi-shifting’s a breeze when you don’t have to change batteries, just keep on working right through, ideal for high-usage multi-shift operations.

X Series Forklift

Hangcha X Series IC Forklift 1.5-3.8t

A great all-round forklift range. Up to date features and performance, good looks and good prices. And you don’t need a degree in robotic electronics to service them.

Hangcha X Series IC Forklift 4.0-5.0t

Timber and builders’ supply yards love these. These forklifts have heaps of grunt and are a really rugged chassis that stands up to working all day on unsealed yards.

Hangcha X Series IC Forklift 5.0-10t

A new forklift design from the ground up, they have a cab that’s as comfortable as your car, and a happy operator is a productive operator. Plenty of power, heaps of lift, what’s not to like?

Hangcha X Series Heavy Forklift 14-18t

A serious forklift for serious work, these machines are capacity-rated at 900mm load centres so probably aren’t for everyone. But if that’s what you need this is the truck you’ll want.

Hangcha R Series Heavy Forklift 12-16t

These forklifts are old school; no frills, just real steel with top quality drivetrains that go all day every day and will reward you by doing the job without complaining. Usually found in timber, steel, concrete or anything within the lift capacity range.

Warehouse Equipment

Hangcha A Series Reach Trucks 1.2-2.0t

Hangcha’s A Series reach trucks help you get the most from your racking. Lithium battery options too for minimum battery charging downtime. Stand up or sit down to drive, we’ve got you covered for narrow aisles and up to 12.5m top racking. High-density storage at low-density cost.

Hangcha Warehouse Equipment

Powered pallet trucks, stackers, walkie reaches, order pickers… Hangcha has a complete range of warehouse equipment to complement our counterbalance and reach models in any busy warehouse or distribution centre. They offer equally great value for a low volume user who only moves or stacks a few pallets a day. Whatever you need to work alongside your other gear in the warehouse, Hangcha has got it!

Big Trucks

Hangcha Heavy Forklifts 20-48t

The really big beasts. Take a look if you’re in the market for a heavy forklift or if you just love big machines. You won’t be disappointed. Utilising key components from internationally renowned brands. European design with Japanese reliability these units have all bases covered. They are safe, durable, comfortable, and very efficient.

Container Handlers

Hangcha Container Handlers

Container handling is the most intensive type of material handling out there, and what better to handle this type of work than the new HC container handler range from Hangcha.

Off-Road Forklift

Hangcha Rough Terrain Forklifts 2WD + 4WD

Normally if you’re driving a forklift and you see mud or soft ground you turn away. Hangcha’s forklifts aren’t modified yard machines, they are purpose-built off-roaders and they deliver what they promise. With these rough terrain machines you can work regardless of ground conditions.

Future innovation

Hangcha engineers are constantly searching for improvements and innovations which are introduced into existing and new forklift models such as the world-leading, lithium-ion battery-powered XC forklift range.

They are already a leader in AGV technology - systems designed to handle repetitive processes independently and reliably while reducing overheads and increasing productivity – by designing and creating more than 30 AGV products.

In the past few years, Hangcha has adopted and introduced intelligent factory construction programs, helping to automate their factories, driving production and passing the benefits onto their clients.

Their aim over the next few years is to transform from traditional manufacturing to a fully integrated, digital manufacturing system, promoting the “smart factory” concept.

Whatever the future holds for Hangcha, Northern Forklifts will be there, proudly flying the flag of one of the world’s largest and most respected forklift manufacturers.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our Hangcha range, or any other of our products or services.

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